Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

Permits from the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department are required for scheduled gatherings of more than a few (approximately 10 to 20) people.

Picnic permits are the easiest to obtain for a very small fee and provide guaranteed space and ability to host a small gathering within the provisions provided in the permit.

Special Events permits would rarely be used in Schuylkill River Park and provide for larger gatherings with and without support from the Parks and Recreation Department. Special Events permits require large fees and deposits paid to the City.

Both Picnic and Special Events permits are centrally processed at the address described in the corresponding documents.

Athletic field permits are necessary for use of Schuylkill Pocket Veterans Field. These require agreement with all the Field's Rules and Regulations (e.g., no play when field is wet) and are processed locally at the Markward Recreation Center.

FSRP · PO Box 30246 · PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103 ·